Alonso happy with lead over button at spa

The Belgian formel 1 grand prix was not all awful, as per Fernando Alonso. His colleague Jenson Catch finished the Spa-Francorchamps race letting it out had even been “humiliating”, as he seemed to be “simply driving around” with an absolutely uncompetitive McLaren-Honda. The Briton said the half and half parts of his Japanese-made ‘force unit’ were not living up to expectations, but rather clarified: “This outcome demonstrates to us where we are at this time. It will be the same at Monza.”

Spaniard Alonso, then again, was more satisfied. In the first place, he played down recommendations he is taking care of business for a move to a conceivably Mercedes-fueled Red Bull for 2016. He said a photo of him rising up out of the Red Bull RV at Spa was basically the aftereffect of a visit to his previous race engineer Paul Monaghan. “We were discussing absolutely different things,” Alonso said. “He is building a little watercraft and for this he needs a Honda motor!” he chuckled.

Alonso was additionally content with his own execution in the Belgium formel 1 grand prix. “I think it was my best race at Spa,” he is cited by El Confidencial daily paper. “Regardless of the outcome, I was 40 seconds in front of Jenson, who took shaft position and won here two years back. There are 44 laps so that is right around one second point of interest per lap with the same auto. I’ll take that,” he included.