F1 Team bosses needs to do more for F1

Formel 1 chiefs need to quit acting like “divas” and rather lead the pack in helping Bernie Ecclestone make the game more appealing for formula 1 fans, claims Lotus boss Federico Gastaldi.

In the midst of progressing verbal confrontation about what changes F1 needs to enhance the show, Gastaldi says the sum total of what groups have been blameworthy of not doing what’s needed to improve stupendous grand prix dashing.

As a previous promoter of the Argentine formula one grand Prix, Gastaldi says F1 has not adjusted to the changing media scene that requests games accomplish more to offer themselves in the midst of expanding rivalry and the ascent of online networking.

“We have been discussing how to enhance the show subsequent to the start of a year ago and we [the teams] are liable of all charges,” Gastaldi told Motorsport.com.

“There are such a large number of feelings yet for reasons unknown or another, we have not been sufficiently useful to bring these new thoughts without hesitation.

“Bernie continues pushing us to attempt to be more open. There are numerous, numerous things on the plan, however there are focuses we can enhance that needn’t bother with cash.

“Like being more agreeable. The drivers and administration can be more open with the writers and television groups, and we can have the drivers more available to the fans. We ought to accomplish more [promotional] occasions.”

Promoters need assistance

Gastaldi is resolved that groups need to listen to concerns from race promoters that they are not being sufficiently helped to pull in more fans to races.

“Clearly I can’t point fingers at anybody specifically, yet we got to be divas in the enclosure. I think we should be more open to help Mr. E to make the show more receptive to the fans.

“It is down to every one of us. It is our obligation. Since on the off chance that we don’t help the promoters then we won’t arrive. On the off chance that there are no promoters there is no F1.”

Changing world

Gastaldi thinks F1 is still stuck in the mentality that excellent prix dashing is sufficiently enormous to draw in offer out group at occasions without advancement.

Yet, he is resolved that things are different now from the period when, as promoter of the Argentine GP, F1 had the capacity secure guard crowds with minimal additional endeavors.

“I was a promoter in Argentina and we were extremely fortunate on the grounds that in those days, on the off chance that you go there and discussed bringing F1, it would be completely, completely sold out. We were extremely fortunate.

“I took in not more than a few moments when I ran the Fantastic Prix with my siblings and accomplices, furthermore we did MotoGP and I figured out how to meet different promoters.

“So when I resulted in these present circumstances side of the business [involved with group in F1], it was an alternate creature.

“In those days they [race promoters] didn’t require so much help in light of the fact that it was going extremely well. Presently there are such a variety of different choices: with online networking which has won the consideration of the youthful era.

“So we have to know how to approach these gentlemen and we have to help the promoters. We need to work out how we can be useful.”