Hakkinen: Mercedes should watch out for Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is in the chase for the 2015 title. That is the case of previous twofold best on the planet Mika Hakkinen, after Ferrari’s Vettel down and out through for a sudden second triumph of the season in Hungary.

It implies the German’s hole to Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg is currently only 21 focuses, while simply one more 21 focuses further up the table is Lewis Hamilton’s title lead. “Vettel is a danger,” Hakkinen told his backer Hermes in a select meeting. “The season is just half over so there are still countless in question. Vettel is making a to a great degree great showing with the occasion,” the previous McLaren driver included.

Hakkinen additionally hailed the surge in type of the youthful Russian driver Daniil Kvyat, who recently appeared to be effortlessly bulldozed by his Red Bull colleague Daniel Ricciardo. Yet, Hakkinen, 46, says the tables have turned. “Kvyat is as of now putting weight on Ricciardo, which is putting the Australian in circumstances like what we saw in Hungary,” he said.

Without a doubt, Rosberg conceded his indignation with Ricciardo taking after their on-track conflict, which cost the Mercedes driver a considerable measure of focuses. “Daniel is a decent fellow,” Rosberg wrote in his segment for Bild daily paper. “Be that as it may, in Hungary he tried too hard. It was totally my corner in spite of the fact that the FIA did not rebuff him, and I need to acknowledge that.” Hakkinen finished up: “Ricciardo is a regarded and great driver, however he is plainly under weight to perform right now